The Barrens

Season 2 Episode 3

Dee's Mom Needs a New Car

Seems one of the two officers that came after Courtney and Arson was Hendricks, the guy that Ashend Hypnotized.

Ashend runs up and pretty much suck the other officer dry of blood. Hendricks then shoots Ashend. (Does Hendricks die here or did Ashend let him live?)

Ash fades out and goes away. Tries to get Cindy out of there.

Gunshots ring from the other side of the mall (near Macy’s) which prompts the Ganges to gtfo.

Ash has a vamp crew now. Made a connection with other vampires in town, specifically Rob and Tanya.

Dee takes her sister and heads home. (They had two cars at the place).

Shelly is now hanging out at Courtney’s because she’s really concerned for him (because he lost his gf and all). Gets him some stoves beer… guess you guys whent to Courtney’s? Daniel’s there too.

Arson (who stayed in the car) shoots himself in the head (fazes out ghost style so the bullet passes right through him) to gaze into the abyss. Wants to know who’s after Cindy (so he can help Dee).

From least to most dangerous: Ashend, Courtney, a Chosen (hunter), Police, the Butcher.

Arson convinces Courtney they need to go help Dee and Cindy. Ashend materializes in the car and says “lets go!”

Dee is driving home and hears sirens. She expects to see police come up behind here but it’s a gnarly blue Pontiac and it smashes into the back of Dee’s car. They fly off the road, through a ditch and get stuck between some trees. Fire starts. Seat belt is in that locked position and Dee can’t get out. Cindy is in a daze next to her.

Alex comes up to the drivers window, smashes through it and starts to come at Dee with an Axe.

Police show up.

They can’t get out of the car from the front. There’s a tree branch that smashed through the windshield and separates them.

Arson, Courtney, and Ashend fly their car between the police and the other cars. Arson just starts firing his gun at the police and hits officer Crooke. They all run out to help Dee.

Dee manages to handcuff Alex’s hand to the steering wheel and stabs him in the neck with a wooden steak. He gurgles blood as he taunts her, saying he’s just after what’s owed to him (The butcher was posesing Alex, guys).

Ashend starts taking out the police officers. Kills one and hangs him in a tree. The remaining two officers jump on her, pin her to the ground, and cuff her.

Arson pulls Cindy from the passenger window. Dee can’t get there because of the branch. She crawls through the back (which is on fire) and gets an axe stuck in her leg. Alex holds the other end of the axe, cackling as he pulls her back towards him.

Courtney was just standing there, and as if awoken from a daze he runs towards the burning car.

Dee feels like there’s no way out. She can’t get her leg freeof the axe and her arms are starting to get seriously burned. She screams because she just can’t bear the pain any longer. All hope was lost. Just then two hands reach in a he back window and grab her hands. Courtney, not knowing about the axe in Dee’s leg, pulls with all his might and rips her free.

The car explodes as Courtney pulls her from the window and they both fly into a nearby tree.


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